About The Center for Facial Plastic Surgery

Will my results look natural?

One of the most common concerns expressed by patients prior to receiving treatment is the fear that they will look “overdone” or “fake.” At The Center for Facial Plastic Surgery we stress natural results (See Patient Photos). At your initial consultation we spend a significant amount of time discussing your concerns and relating them to your specific anatomy. Our goal is to develop an individualized treatment plan that creates a refreshed appearance but maintains your identity.

Where is surgery performed?

Nearly all surgeries are performed in our private surgical suites located at our office. This affords a number of advantages compared to performing surgery in a hospital or large surgery center: We are able to provide faster, more compassionate and discreet care for each patient. All of our staff are focused solely upon facial plastic surgery procedures. There is a much reduced risk of infections. Additionally, the cost to patients is reduced.

Will I be awake for my procedure?

It depends on your surgery. We use two main types of anesthesia:


Local Anesthesia

This is administered by injecting a numbing agent into the area being treated. It may be used alone for minor procedures and is usually combined with twilight anesthesia to reduce pain after surgery. Its use also cuts the amount of intravenous medications needed during twilight procedures.


Twilight Anesthesia

We use twilight anesthesia for most of our procedures. An anesthesia provider will administer an intravenous sedative and monitor you throughout the surgery. Our goal is to keep you sedated and comfortable. Most patients do not remember anything during the procedure. However, you will be breathing on your own without the need for a breathing tube or artificial ventilation. When you wake you will feel drowsy, but this rapidly improves. Most patients are fully awake and feel ready to leave the office within an hour.

Is facial plastic surgery painful?

The fear of post-operative pain prevents some people from pursuing cosmetic surgery. However, facial surgery is generally not very painful. In fact, nearly all of our patients report that their recovery was faster and more comfortable than expected. Most patients can control discomfort with extra strength Tylenol®; however, prescription pain medication may be necessary for the first several days after surgery and is available for all patients if needed.

How often will I visit the doctor?

You will have an initial consultation and then a separate pre-operative appointment prior to the surgery. Depending on the surgery, the doctor usually checks your post-op progress after:

  • 1 day
  • 1 week
  • 1 month
  • 3 months
  • 6 months – 1year

Photographs are generally taken after the first month to mark your progress.

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