You may be affected by both congenital and acquired deformities of one or both ears. At The Center for Facial Plastic Surgery, we correct many of these common ear deformities:

  • Ear proptosis (ears stick out)
  • Enlarged earlobes
  • Ear lobe tears (earring injuries)
  • Gauged earlobes

Our goal with ear repositioning and earlobe repair is to either restore a normal appearance to the ears or create a new position of the ear and/or earlobes that is in better proportion with the rest of your face.

How Is It Done? 


  • You will be administered “twilight anesthesia,” meaning that you are asleep during the procedure, but you will continue to breathe on your own without the need for a breathing tube.
  • An incision is made in the crease on the back side of your ear so that after it heals, the incision is virtually invisible.
  • Excess ear cartilage may be removed.
  • Permanent sutures are placed in precise locations through the ear cartilage to tuck the body of the ear closer to the head.
  • Dissolving sutures are placed along the incision line. These usually disappear after one week.


  • Can repair earring-related earlobe deformities and enlarged earlobes. The design of repair depends on the extent of the injury or size of the earlobe.
  • This procedure is performed under local anesthesia.
  • Repair involves the removal of old scar tissue and repositioning the existing earlobe to create a natural look.
  • Dissolving sutures are placed in the earlobe. A piece of tape will be used to cover the area for extra protection.


  • You will feel mild discomfort and may use pain medication for 2-3 days
  • After otoplasty, it is normal to experience ear swelling for 1-2 weeks. A dressing will be placed over the ears for 2-3 days. After the dressing is removed, a headband must be worn at night to keep the ears tucked in place.
  • Normal activities can be resumed after one week.
  • Final results will be seen within a few weeks to a few months, depending on individual healing.
  • Following lobuloplasty, the incisions will gradually fade over time.
  • As a service to our clients, we offer complimentary ear piercing one month following earlobe repair.

Before and after – 2 months

 before -after


Before and after – 2 months

 before after


Before and after – 6 wks